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  • Can a document be notarized without the all parties being present?
    No, all parties involved in the document must be physically present before the notary at the time of notarization.
  • Can I request a notary to come to my location for notarization?
    Yes. Truth Notary offers mobile services and can travel to your location for notarization so you can skip traffic and spend time where it matters! Additional fees may apply.
  • Do I need to provide ID, and if so, what is acceptable?
    Every signer must provide valid (not expired) government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, military ID, or passport in order to have your documents notarized.
  • Can I get a document notarized if I don't have any identification documents?
    Unfortunately, valid identification is a requirement for notarization. You would need to obtain a valid (not expired) government issued photo ID first.
  • What type of documents cannot be certified?
    Vital Records: Examples: Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, or divorce decrees. These documents are certified by the issuing government authority. Public Records: Examples: Publicly recorded documents, such as property deeds, liens, or court records. Certified copies of these records are obtained from the appropriate government agency. Copyrighted Material: Examples: Books, articles, or artwork, as it would infringe on the copyright holder's rights. Notarized Documents: Documents that have already been certified as a true copy. Notarization and certification are separate processes. Incomplete or Altered Documents. Expired Documents: Documents that have expired, such as an expired driver's license or an expired passport.
  • What happens during a notarization appointment?
    During a notarization, the notary will verify the signer's identity (with valid ID), witness the signing of the document, and complete the notarial certificate.
  • Do I need a Witness?
    2 Witnesses are required for Trusts and Wills.
  • Can I ask the notary to certify copies of documents?
    Truth Notary can certify copies of non-recordable and non-recorded documents. Examples include: Educational certificates and diplomas Passports and driver's licenses Employment documents Wills and trusts Medical records (with proper authorization) Personal identification documents Letters and contracts Power of Attorney documents Affidavits and declarations Insurance policies Additionally, Truth Notary requires the original document's presence during the certification process.
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